Gateway Actions Overview

Critical Labs has a variety of tools in place that can help you find and interact with certain equipment on your network. These tools are called Gateway Actions.

Gateway Actions are an integral part of the Critical Labs onboarding experience. They allow the Critical Labs gateway to perform certain actions on your network and devices. Because Critical Labs wants to ensure a safe experience, the actions allowed on a gateway are pre-determined and can only be performed after a gateway has requested instructions from the cloud.

Most actions are available by visiting the gateway’s webpage within Critical Labs (Open the top righthand menu, select “My Equipment”, then select a gateway). There are options to “Find Equipment”, “SNMP Walk”, and many others.

Waiting for a Gateway to Poll

When on a gateway’s webpage, you might notice a little drawer at the bottom that says “Waiting for gateway to poll” with a timer:

You must wait for a gateway to poll/check-in to the cloud before it will start performing actions (usually 5 minutes or less). This is a security feature and part of our air-gapping strategy. When the gateway has successfully checked in and knows that there are actions waiting for it, this message will switch to:

You do not have to wait for the gateway to poll to assign actions. Critical Labs will queue the action until the gateway is ready to retrieve it. You may also queue more than one action if you wish.

Available Actions

Find Equipment – Accessible from the gateway’s webpage, either from the “Find Equipment” button or from the add button above the equipment list. Allows you to scan a network for SNMP enabled devices using community strings that you input. Lists discovered devices.

SNMP Walk – Accessible from the gateway’s webpage or from a selected discovered device. Allows you to map a device’s available SNMP OIDs to see what potential data points are available. Also used to create custom device libraries.

Get Files – Available for Vertiv devices with Unity or RDU web cards that have been imported into Critical Labs. Accessible from the device webpage (Click on the device name from the gateway’s webpage). Will retrieve any files from the Downloads section of the web card and display them in the cloud. Requires the card’s username and password.

Poll – Available from the Gateway Actions drawer, by clicking the add button. Retrieves sensor data immediately, instead of waiting for the next poll interval (usually 5 minutes).

Poll Asset Data – Available from the Gateway Actions drawer, by clicking the add button. Retrieves static asset/meta data immediately. This refreshes the static/meta information in Asset Views and is typically polled once a day.

Queueing Actions

You will notice in the Gateway Actions drawer that there is queue of pending actions listed. This area will show you what actions are waiting to be retrieved and performed by the gateway as well as showing the status of actions that are currently being performed.

This list allows you to add additional actions and reorder or cancel a pending action if the gateway is not already performing the action.

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