Setting up SNMP Traps on Vertiv UNITY-DP cards

Navigate to your unity card’s web portal by entering its IP address into your web browser.

Enter the login credentials for the card (if applicable).

Select the Communications tab near the top of the page.

Select Protocols -> SNMP -> SNMPv1 Trap from the lefthand side of the page.

The unity card above can support sending traps up to 20 different IP addresses. Select a slot to program an IP address into the card.

For the `SNMP Trap Target` put the address of your Critical Labs gateway (can be found on your gateway’s information page on the web app if your gateway is connected to the system).

Leave the `SNMP Trap Port` at 162, and use `public` for the `SNMP Trap Community String`.

Click `Save`.

NOTE: If you have not already provided a username and password, the system will ask you do so now.

Setting up Specific Trap Types

Now that you have traps setup to talk to the Critical Labs gateway, do this final step to ensure you receive the proper trap information from your unity card.

Select Protocols -> SNMP from the lefthand menu under the `Communications` tab.

Make sure the following are enabled:

  • RFC-1628 MIB Traps
  • LGP MIB Traps
  • LGB MIB System Notify Trap

If these are not selected, then click the `Edit` button and enter your login credentials (if applicable). Select these items, then click `Save`.

Restarting your Unity Card

To restart your unity card, go to Support in the lefthand menu:

Under `Commands`, click the `Enable` button and enter your login credentials (if applicable).

Click the `Restart` button next to the `Restart Card` command.

Click `OK` when the system prompts.

Your card should now restart (could take several minutes). When it is done restarting, you should now be sending traps to your Critical Labs gateway!

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