Configuring Vertiv UNITY-DP Cards to connect via SNMP

Many pieces of Vertiv equipment that support UNITY-DP Cards come pre-configured with SNMP enabled but typically do not allow any incoming traffic to read or write via SNMP. Therefore, if your Critical Labs gateway is showing “disconnected” values even after it has polled a piece of equipment, it’s possible that the gateway is not authorized to speak to that piece of equipment.

Follow the steps below to configure your UNITY-DP card to talk to the gateway:

1) Login to the UNITY-DP Card. This is done by connecting a laptop or other browser-capable device to your network and typing the device’s IP address into your browser. For example, if your device was located at, then you would type into your browser.

2) At this point, a configuration home page for the piece of equipment should appear.

If a configuration home page does not appear, then you likely either can’t see the piece of the equipment on the network, the piece of equipment is not operating, or it is not at that IP address. In these cases, you should contact your network or building administrator to help connect you to your piece of equipment.

3.) Click the Communications tab, then on the left-hand side click Protocols. SNMP should be enabled. If it is not, enable it.

This will require a username and password to change. If you do not know the username and password, talk to your network or building administrator to get this password. If no one knows the password, contact us.

V1/V2C Access

4.) Now click the SNMPv1/v2c Access folder under Protocols.

A pop-up may occur letting you know the system needs restarting. If this happens, just click “ok” and continue following these steps.


If any of the rows have as the SNMP Access Host, then no further configuration is necessary. Restart the card if you made any changes, and you are done!

5.) Select the first link in the list that has a blank SNMP Access Host. Usually this is SNMPv1/v2c Access[1].

6.) Under SNMP Access Host, you may type one of two of the following:

  1. The IP address where the Critical Labs gateway is located on the network (eg.
  2.  (Access from any IP address – NOT recommended)

The second option will allow any device on the network to communicate with your piece of equipment. If you are comfortable with your network security and firewall rules, then option 2 is the fastest. If you would prefer more security, then determine what IP the Critical Labs gateway is located at on your network and enter that value instead.

7.) Select Read Only as the SNMP Access Type.

8.) Decide on a value (please no special characters) to set as your SNMP Access Community String and write it down. You will need this later to setup your equipment in the Critical Labs web app. Think of it as your equipment’s SNMP password.

Restarting the UNITY-DP Card

9.) At this point, you are done with configurations and need to restart the card. It usually takes around 5 minutes for the card to restart. Under the Communications tab on the left-hand side, click on Support.

10.) Next to Commands, select the Enable button. Then click the Restart button.

When the card is finished reloading, your SNMP configuration should be good to go, and you should be able to access it from the Critical Labs web app.

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