Inviting Users

Now that you have added equipment to Critical Labs and have created a view, it’s time to share that view with others in your company! There are three ways to invite users to Critical Labs:

  • Invite them to your company account
  • Permanently share a view with them
  • Share a temporarily view link with them

Sharing Views with Someone

This guide is going to cover how to add a user to your company account. It is useful to note, however, that you can share views with others without making them a part of your company account. This means that they will only have access to the view(s) you share with them but to nothing else within your company account (including public views).

You can share views with others by going to that view and clicking Share button from the menu (see Creating a View for details on views).

Inviting a User to your Company Account

To invite a user to your company account, you will need the following:

  • Full administrator rights (Full Access) to your company account
  • The email(s) of the people you plan to invite

Open the top righthand menu and select Users.

You should now be on the Users page. You should see a list of users (perhaps just yourself) with a set of checkboxes that show what permission level each user holds.

The following permissions are currently available in Critical Labs:

  1. Full Access. This gives full administrator privileges to a user, including the ability to see all public and private views within the account. A Full Access user can also add and set permissions for other users.
  2. Manage Equipment. This gives permission for a user to add and remove gateways, equipment, and sensors from Critical Labs. This user’s email also gets alerts when a gateway fails to check in to Critical Labs.
  3. Share Views. This user is allowed to share views that they have created with others, either with others within the company or with others outside the company.
  4. Templates. This user will be able to Create view templates from views they have created. These view templates will be available to any user within the company account. The Delete permissions allows the user to delete view templates.
  5. Libraries. This user will be able to either Create, Update, or Delete custom sensor libraries for a type of equipment. Libraries contain the protocol information for getting and understanding sensor data from equipment. Users with this permission will not be able to create, update or delete global Critical Labs libraries.

Click the add button to the top right of the users list.

A screen will appear asking for a list of emails to invite. This list may be separated by commas or each email may be on a separate line.

Make sure Regular User is selected.

Assign appropriate permissions, as described above, and click Invite.

Critical Labs will now send invitation emails to all of the email addresses listed. Each user will have to confirm their login using the link provided in the email. This will allow them to setup a password so that they can login to Critical Labs.

Resending Invites and Testing Alerts

Once you’ve added a user to your company account in Critical Labs, they will appear in the list of users. You can choose resend an invitation/verification link to their email or send a test alert to that user using the Actions button under the user’s email address.

Managing a User's Views and Alerts

You can manage which views a user can see, as well as which alerts they will receive, directly from the Users page. Simply click the Views button on the righthand side of the user’s permissions and choose appropriate permissions.

Next Steps

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