Adding a Device (Auto)

For many SNMP-enabled devices that are discovered while finding equipment, Critical Labs can automatically import the device with just a few clicks. You will know that a device can be automatically imported if the Add device as [type] shows.

A device that cannot be added automatically will say Add device manually, as below:

Adding a Device Manually

If your device is not able to be added automatically, there is still a way to get it into Critical Labs. However, this topic is more advanced and will be covered in another section.

Adding a Device Automatically

Start by navigating to the Find Equipment page and finding a list of devices.

Find a device that can be automatically added to Critical Labs as described above.

Click the Add device as [type] button in the options under that device.

A screen will appear requesting details on the device to be added. You will notice that by automatically adding the device that many of these fields are already filled in with information.

Fill in any missing details you wish to add, and click Next.

If there are view templates available (see About View Templates for more information), then you may choose to add a view at this time. These view templates are pre-constructed dashboards that display information from this specific type of equipment.

When you select a view template from the list, Critical Labs will automatically create a dashboard for you that connects to your device. This is the fastest and simplest way to add a dashboard to Critical Labs.

Optionally, select a view template, then click Save.

Manually Adding Sensors

After adding an equipment, you will be sent to the sensor selection screen. This screen shows you a list of all sensors that Critical Labs is aware of for your type of device.

If you created a view template, several of these sensors will already be checked for you.

If you plan to create your own view from scratch, select any sensors that you eventually want to display and click Finish. This will take you to the Equipment information page. From here you may add more devices or create a view.

Next Steps

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