X420 – Fuel % and Run State

In this guide we will show you how to setup the Fuel % and Run State for your X420 device.  Please follow the steps below to begin.

Additional Information about the device.  The devices default IP Address is “”.  Make sure when plugging this into your network that nothing important is using this IP Address.  Or you can directly plug into the device to avoid any DHCP Conflicts.

Step 1: To login to the device go to  The Username is “admin” and the Password is “webrelay”.  Once you get logged in you will see this screen below.

Step 2: To configure the SNMP settings, go to General Settings>Advanced Network and then scroll down to SNMP Agent.  Click yes to enable SNMP, if you would like at this time you can also change the SNMP Community string.  To change this go to the section Agent Read Community: and type in the new community string here.  For our example we typed in CriticalLabs.  Once you have changed all these options click Submit at the bottom to save the changes.

Step LAST: To change to DHCP from Static click on General Settings>Network then navigate to the Use DHCP and select Yes. Once changes have been made make sure to hit the Submit Button (See image below for guidance)

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