Modbus TCP

Hardware Requirements

Verify the generator controller supports a Modbus TCP connection.  For most generators, Modbus TCP is an additional option that must be purchased from the generator manufacturer.  If the generator does not support Modbus TCP, consider the Modbus RTU 485, or contact closure connections.

Cable Requirements

Cat 5/6 cable from the IT network to the generator controller

Power Requirements

No additional power is needed, the generator controller is to be backed up by the generator battery.  The IT network switch is to be backed up by a battery back up system.   

Generator Programming

Program the generator controller to support Modbus TCP.

  • Set IP address
  • Set default gateway
  • Set subnet mask
  • Set protocol to Modbus TCP

Adding to Critical Labs

See our list of articles under Adding a Device to learn how to connect your fully wired and network-connected generator to Critical Labs.

Quick Configuration Checklist

  • Verify generator is capable of Modbus TCP
    • If no, select Modbus RTU 485 or contact closure options
    • If yes, no additional generator hardware is needed
  • Verify Critical Labs gateway is on the customer network
    • if yes, no additional gateway is needed
    • if no, add a Critical Labs gateway and Critical Labs gateway onboarding
  • Verify a Cat 5/6 cable is run between the generator Modbus TCP interface and the customer’s network
    • If no, add a Cat 5/6 cable from generator Modbus TCP interface and the customers network
  • Add professional services as needed to configure the generator controller and setup Critical Labs software

Quick Scope of Work

  • Critical Labs gateway is a prerequisite and is to be installed on the same network as the generator
  • Generator controller is to support Modbus TCP as a prerequisite, field verify by others
  • Cat 5/6 cable is to be installed from customer network to generator Modbus TCP interface
  • The generator controller is to be configured by the generator support vendor to support Modbus TCP
  • Program and configure Critical Labs to support generator over Modbus TCP 
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